Sunday, July 11, 2010

Couch Potato Salad (according to Chance)

It is time for the Blogical Son to RETURN! I have been away from the blogging world for far too long and I am glad to announce my return. I used to be so creative with my post and we’ll see if any of those juices are still flowing. I want to use this blog for the random thoughts, our crazy life and the events that come with it, and most of all; my growing view of God’s Amazing Grace. I think I might even post some of my random amateur photography.

So, what point should I direct this blog toward today? Couches… Yes, couches. This has been a highlight couch week for me. First of all we got a new couch for our Game Room/Toy Room/Library. It’s not the prettiest we have received but we happily accepted the donation. It’s not a lightweight couch, since it is a sleeper. My brother-in-law and I manhandled the beast of a couch into the hallway, only to find out that it is impossible to maneuver into the Game/Toy/… you get the point… room. So, that couch will be given to someone else and hopefully fit in their house. This morning, as I came into our the living room, I was given a surprise by Chance. (our 5 month old puppy) He decided to break out of his cage last night and have himself a buffet of the couch cushion (our own couch, not the donated one). I have never, in my entire career of owning daschunds, had a dog do that. WHAT A MORNING! The last couch thought comes to mind because of a wedding that I attended this evening. What does that have to do with a wedding? Because the wedding is the start of a life full of memories for a couple and so is buying or receiving your first couch as a couple. The couch can be that special place for a couple; the place you cuddle up to watching movies, the place to take Sunday naps with her, your bed when you have clearly said the wrong thing, or that work of art your dog made out of it…

The truth is, We need to look deeper into the small things once and a while. This morning I was challenged to THANK GOD FOR THE SMALL THINGS. So, I’m thankful for couches, puppies, and Friends that have just started their life together. I’m thankful I have a wife and couch to share with her, it just has more character until we call on our warranty and get it fixed. Little blessings can pass us by and we might miss it because we were too busy to notice. Take time today… this week … month to thank God for the small things.